Party Buses

Party Bus A2

A party bus is exactly what you need to ensure your Ann Arbor nightlife experience is one for the books. We all know that Ann Arbor is fantastic spot to enjoy trendy bars, nightclubs, and restaurants, but did you know that your mode of transportation has quite a lot of bearing on the amount of fun that you're going to have for the night? Ann Arbor residents love to use party buses and limousines to enjoy a bar hopping or pub crawling experience. It's the only way to ensure everybody gets where they want to be in the safest manner possible, without acquiring any of those pesky DUI's along the way. Not to mention, there's no other mode of transportation that allows you to enjoy nightclub quality features throughout the entire trip. If one thing is for certain, you're definitely going to want to consider renting an Ann Arbor Party Bus for your next trip.

Party Bus A2 is the company to call when you want to ensure your next bar hopping experience is a positive one. They have vehicles in all types and sizes which means that there is always a vehicle for you that's perfect for the event you're trying to plan. Speaking of events, this is a transportation company who specializes in providing entertainment based transportation, so you can be sure that it will fit in perfectly with any event, regardless of what it entails. Bar hopping is especially advantageous when it comes to using a party bus because your designated driver is one of the highest licensed and trained drivers on the roads of Ann Arbor.

The benefits to using a party bus for bar hopping are endless. The features that are included are granite countertop bar areas with coolers stocked with ice, polished hardwood flooring for dancing, stripper poles, coated windows, color changing lighting features, iPod and MP3 capable audio capabilities, DVD/BluRay equipped televisions, comfortable leather seating, and more. With all of these features, it's easy to see why there's no better option than a party bus for your Ann Arbor Bar Hopping. Party Bus Ann Arbor is only a call away, as they have booking agents that are on the lines for 24 hours a day. Give them a call and have a fantastic time enjoying what is best about Ann Arbor.