301 South 1st Street
Ann Arbor MI 48103
(734) 623-7400

There are two totally different experiences housed within this one building. Downstairs at Goodnite Gracie's they've got great jazz acts playing and specialty martinis for you to enjoy. Upstairs at Live at PJ's you'll find a live band rocking hard for Ann Arbor's hottest dance floor. Take your pick. On this page we'll be talking about the jazz and martini bar. If you're interested in the dance club, click here for more info.

Goodnite Gracie's opens at 7pm Tuesday thru Saturday. They always have a great jazz schedule lined up which you can see on their website before you go, and they often have drink specials like $5 martinis, and you just can't beat that. The atmosphere here is unrivaled by any other in town, and after your first visit you'll definitely be hooked. Mellow out to the cool jazz sounds, and then if you need something a little more rockin' to finish off the evening, just head upstairs to Live at PJ's.