Cavern Club

210 South 1st Street
Ann Arbor MI 48104
(734) 332-9900

You'll find Cavern Club in the catacombs of an old time brewery and mill. This giant space hosts four separate clubs, Cavern Club, Gotham City, Milennium Club, and Circus. Just five bucks gets you in to all four. You can move your way through all of them or hang out in your favorite all night long.

With four clubs for the price of one, you'll be able to groove to the hits, watch a show, throw darts and shoot pool, and do whatever you want to do with whatever crowd you like best. Cavern Club is a popular destination in the Ann Arbor area, with some of these clubs being more popular than others. The best way to discover which one is for you is to just go there and check it out!